ZVChain is a highly secure, regulated and expandable financial public chain platform that uses Chiron Protocol, which integrates the top two cryptographic cutting-edge technologies - VRF (Verifiable Random Function) + BLS (Boneh–Lynn–Shacham) consensus algorithm. It will also inherit this robust protocol-level consensus algorithm to provide a dual accounting system that complies with traditional financial logic

Our vision is to build a Decentralized Finance Ecosystem for businesses and to simplify their business interactions in the future.

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ZVCHAIN Features

“6+5” Issuance Plan for Guardian Nodes Participants

(Valid for early guardian nodes formed before launch of mainnet)

“6+5” issuance is indicative of the first distribution at the end of 6th month, followed by five monthly distribution from the end of 7th month.

Sep 2019

Main-Net Launch

Monthly issuance from block reward production of 3.5% in ZVC will be in lock position for guardian nodes, until the 6th month.

March 2020

0~6th Month

Accumulated block reward during this period will be [ 6 x 3.5% = 21%] . To be distributed to all guardian nodes participants at the end of 6th month

April 2020

7th Month onwards

20% of initial lock ZVC will be release every month. Remaining lock position will continue to have 3.5% block reward monthly in ZVC.

Sep 2020

End of 12th Month

On the 12th month after main-net, the total income in ZVC estimated to be 131.5%


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